Kev is an old man at heart, his car history goes to prove it. He's had a Rover AND now has a diesel! Enough said! He's pretty immature too - which is a word used in almost every one of his school reports.

Kev likes dance music, and Chinese food, and he always gets the same food. He won't try anything new because he's tight, and can't live with the fact he might waste money on food he can't eat.

Kev also likes interesting words like uBernostrum, and makes nice pancakes.

Where would we be without the fun, the laughs, the mishaps, the confusion, the wierd and the beautiful. Well we'd be one Nixxi short of a radio show, that's for sure.

Nixxi, like any typical girl, likes shopping, eating out, watching movies and all things pink although she also likes football, drinking beer, playing COD, picking her nose and loves dance music.

Nixxi is currently working on a new hardstyle project under the alias 'MissJudged'.

Alex (The Web Geek)
My name is Alex. I am the 'web geek'. That is to say I'm not much of a hit with the ladies, and I made the website.

If you are wondering why my image is of a toy giraffe with a broken leg, then you best ask Nicola. She can tell you more

That's all the excitement in my life explained, so it only remains for me to say, I hope I never meet you! Thanks!

Simon is the posh one who uses a napkin at (insert name of all you can eat Chinese) and requests finger bowls.

Smeggheads quiz master extraordinaire - and has rubbish questions to ask Kev & Nixxi. Well, not rubbish - just not about kids cartoons or other stuff off the 90s.

When not working for the show he enjoys paintballing and being very tall!